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ENERMAX SYSTEMS started its operation in the year 2004 in the field of power electronics. Over the years the company has added to its product range various products such as power supplies, AC DC Converter, DC DC Converter, Battery Charger, E Bike Battery Charger, E Rikshaw Battery Charger etc.

With its core strength as R & D, the company has developed a large of Battery Charger for varied applications such as Automotive, Industrial, Automobile, Agriculture Applications, DG Set etc to name a few.

Enermax Systems was founded in 2004 as a major provider of Power Electronics Products, LED Lighting solutions, Solar Systems. Enermax has successfully become one of the leading providers of LED Lighting solutions, Power Electronics Products, Solar Solutions.

Being ISO 9001-2015, Enermax's constant focus towards alleviating the world's most pressing environmental challenges has motivated the team to develop green lighting solutions, Power Electronics & Solar Products that reduce operating costs, improve productivity & save money. Enermax is leading the way into a new era of environment and human friendly LED Lighting thereby helping to shape the future of lighting technology & Innovation in Power Electronics and Solar Products.

As the leading innovator in the LED lighting Industry, Power Electronics, Solar Energy Systems, Enermax has a proven track record of helping customers realize the potential business benefits of LED Lighting solutions & Solar Energy Products. Enermax provides the most versatile, best-in-class and cost-effective LED Lighting solutions, Power Electronics and Solar Energy Systems for various applications.

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